Au Revoir Sabah!

March 26, 2012 2 comments

Au revoir: The expression reminds me of Quentin Tarantino and Reservoir Dogs. His mangling of his favourite French drama Au Revoir Les Enfants into that reservoir film and Dogs, of Straw Dogs. He used to work in a video rental store, and Au Revoir Les Enfants used to be his favourite film. Unable to pronounce it properly, he refered to it as that reservoir movie. Imagine that. Quentin Tarantino as your neightbourhood video rental grunt. But I guess most people can’t now. They are obsolete. Even the VCD rentals are. But just imagine. He was a grunt. Now a film god.

I know the above has no bearing at all with the subject I’m going to broach here. But I do it as an ouevre. Just because. And just because I have been watching too muchBreaking Bad. All this film and drama watching would be stopping very soon. Probably I’ll have less free time very soon.

2 years and 87 days. The time passed since I step foot on Sabah, and the day I’ll bid it goodbye as my second home. Wonderful place that I’ll miss a lot.

The things that I’ll miss. I think I would.


Squat rack at Likas Stadium. My friend. My therapist. When 200 pounds is on one’s back, all the worries in the world fade and subside into it’s rightful place. Thank you for being the most honest BS-buster.

Likas stadium has all the necessary tools to be a complete gym. All the hours spent, all the sweat and blood dripped over here, the stale leathery smell and dim dusky lights, will leave a vivid impression upon me from here onwards.


Weigtlifting platform. The state weightlifting and promising youngsters lift in this basic facility. A place with character.


Bumper plates!!

Uesaka plates? They also have Elenko bumper plates over here..

Racks and stands in the background. Ready for cleans, and snatches..

The crowd and the equipments. They have rows of dumbells going from 5kgs to 30kgs.

Randy. Master diver, muay thai, kung fu practitioner,  and bodybuilder. A friendly face in the gym who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Good luck on your competition in July. One of the regulars. Some of the regulars are there so often that one might mistake them for being a part of the furniture.


There are two squat racks in the whole gym. I spent the largest part of my time here.

This is as spartan as it get. Your anti-globo gym. Will have it no other way.

Other than the gym. I’ll miss..

My trusted Kancil alot. Although you did throw the occasional tantrum, like how you attempted to bake me alife by killing off the airconditioning,I’ll always be thankful to you for bussing me around KK. I’ve grown partial to the grimy smell of baked plastics and dirt in the car. The dust and endless dirt just added to yourand bothered me not one bit. Though I can’t say for my fellow passengers.

Well I guess this is it. Bye bye Sabah and here’s to a new phase back in Peninsular!

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My Stash…

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

My Stash of Papers

My figurative stash…

I learned a very painful and useful lesson when my laptop went south on me. All my bookmarks that were painstakingly collected was gone in an instant. The hassle to rediscover those lost site  was no enjoyable experience. Seeing that my new laptop is also prone to crashes and reformatting (I reformatted once in the 1st month of operation), I decided now is a good time to put on “My Stash”, a collection of my favorite sites.

1.  The AOM site. This is the answer to those who are tired of the shallow and superficial men’s magazine that’s choking the cloud right now. It has a very compelling list of top 100 list, (and hey who doesn’t like those easily to digest and understand top 100 list), examples are top 100 movies you must watch, and top 100 must read books. It manages to come out with articles that we could identify with all the time. I find that I come back to the site a lot.

2. Badass of the Week. It has wit, history, popular culture and insane language lessons thrown in a mix bag. Author “Amazing” Ben Thompson definitely has a gift for stringing together expletives and eclectic words to conjure up a vivd projection of his thoughts.

3. Ross Enamait’s no-nonsense training site. It has a very good collection of awe-inspiring boxing footage, training montage, and training instruction. On the days when you need some training motivation, it is the place to go to.

4. Chaos and Pain site. Sound lifting training methods, lifting history, and everything that has to do with lifting and dieting. And the author hate runners like they are the ebola plague. Very colorful language in the vein of badass of the week. DO NOT read it when you are at the workplace. Some of the pictures are definitely not workplace, grandma, child, family-friendly.

I guess that’s it. Some of the more common and popular sites was not included because I’ll probably won’t forget about them anytime soon.

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I pay the price for being barefoot…

August 13, 2011 8 comments


My virgin pair of Vibram’s KSO!

After waiting for nearly 2 years, I finally got the opportunity to try a pair of Vibram’s. Decided to go with the KSO, which is good for abit of running and lifting.

I thought that it was not available in Malaysia, which prompted me to get in Manila for about 4950 pesos. We were only allowed to bring in 10k pesos. So you could imagine me being piss-poor and had to scringe after the buy while in Manila. Considering that we were ripped-off by the taxi, and then had to pay 600 pesos when we were leaving the country, I was pretty lucky to be back in Sabah with a grand total of 150 pesos, (about RM10) in one piece.

For going through all that trouble, then only I found out that Vibram’s and all sorts of gears are being retailed in the newly opened Running Lab store in Tropicana CityMall. And buying Vibram’s was just about the only good thing that happened in the trip in Manila.

You might think that I must have lost my marbles to pay so much so that I can run barefoot, but I don’t care.. I am a HAPPY MAN 🙂

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To cure an addiction…

August 13, 2011 3 comments

After faithfully serving me for 4 good years, my ASUS laptop decided to take the early retirement plan that is rarely offered to ‘kononnya’ ASUS laptop. Therefore I took up the opportunity and challenge to see how long could I survive without a PC or laptop.

Turns out it wasn’t as bad as it seemed at first.

Of course initially there would be the customary withdrawal syndrome. After gritting my teeth through it for a week, I found that getting away from the PC and internet is the best thing for my productivity and well-being.

I realized that 90% of the time I spent on the Internet, was just blindly clicking on links after links, chasing after bits and bits of new information that would give me the tantalizing feel of stimulation, which would later leave me craving for more of it. After awhile, it became clicking for the sake of clicking. It’s like the kind of addiction to drugs, where we kid ourselves where we think we could quit, but everybody knows we never did.

So during the time I went cold turkey on PC, I realized that :

1. I have never read so many books in such a short span of time in my life before. Kind of reminded me the joy of reading. About discovering other topics through a good story-teller. As opposed to reading in the Internet where you are ironically restricted by your interest and attention span.

2. I sleep better. As in when the time to sleep comes, my eyelids become heavy naturally and I fall asleep with no problem at all. In case anyone is wondering, that’s a good thing.

3. I actually pay attention more to my surroundings, noticing things more, and spend more time cleaning my room.

And of course the down-side to being so disconnected was, I didn’t know that OSAMA WAS KILLED BY US FORCES UNTIL A FEW DAYS LATER WHEN I HEARD IT ON THE RADIO!!! And since it was the radio, there was no replay button, I was wondering was it Osama or Obama!

But other than that, I turned out fine 🙂


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I’m PADI certified!

March 21, 2011 4 comments


Well earned!!

Having been put through all the drills for all the remotest possible accident and worst-case scenario that could happen, finally I am PADI OPEN WATER certified!!

I have so much more respect and apreciation for the skills that went behind diving training after the course. Although the skills that were required sounded easy, it was anything but that. Nothing is easy when you start panicking after a few gulps of ice-cold salty water. Nothing better to sober you up at once.

Glad that I made it, and although most people have no problem passing the couse, still that doesn’t diminish the sense of achievement that I had. Just like when you took part in your first marathon and posted a crappy time, still you were brimming with pride.

Now, couldn’t let all the pages in the logbook go to waste eh..

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Underestimating Over-optimistism..

February 22, 2011 4 comments

I am guilty of over-optimism. At least of being unable to gauge my physical tolerance.

As had happened before, my back were giving signs that it was going to be on strike soon yesterday. But me being stubborn as stubborn can be, I figured that the only thing that was going to stop me from my squats was death or the World Cup Finals, so I sucked it up and had a go at it.

2 hours later, I was cold-sweating all over myself trying to aim straight while taking a leak in the toilet. My lower back was busted. Pain was radiating through my thighs whenever I take a step.

What I did was not only stupid, but dangerous as well.

Having to sit down to be able to change my pants or crawling  to the nearest chair to get up from bed is no fun at all.

Lesson learnt: Show some humility and listen to the body. Tone the Rambo attitude down when matter of health is involved. Live to fight another day.

Thank god the X-ray cleared me of any permanent damage, if the one to my ego is not counted.. Now I’ll have to crawl to bed for some rest..

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The Return of LFH…

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment


30th December 2010: Her days of avoiding cows on the road are over…



One year’s worth of stuff weights..



Good luck with starting a new life in Negeri Sembilan:)!

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