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Au Revoir Sabah!

Au revoir: The expression reminds me of Quentin Tarantino and Reservoir Dogs. His mangling of his favourite French drama Au Revoir Les Enfants into that reservoir film and Dogs, of Straw Dogs. He used to work in a video rental store, and Au Revoir Les Enfants used to be his favourite film. Unable to pronounce it properly, he refered to it as that reservoir movie. Imagine that. Quentin Tarantino as your neightbourhood video rental grunt. But I guess most people can’t now. They are obsolete. Even the VCD rentals are. But just imagine. He was a grunt. Now a film god.

I know the above has no bearing at all with the subject I’m going to broach here. But I do it as an ouevre. Just because. And just because I have been watching too muchBreaking Bad. All this film and drama watching would be stopping very soon. Probably I’ll have less free time very soon.

2 years and 87 days. The time passed since I step foot on Sabah, and the day I’ll bid it goodbye as my second home. Wonderful place that I’ll miss a lot.

The things that I’ll miss. I think I would.


Squat rack at Likas Stadium. My friend. My therapist. When 200 pounds is on one’s back, all the worries in the world fade and subside into it’s rightful place. Thank you for being the most honest BS-buster.

Likas stadium has all the necessary tools to be a complete gym. All the hours spent, all the sweat and blood dripped over here, the stale leathery smell and dim dusky lights, will leave a vivid impression upon me from here onwards.


Weigtlifting platform. The state weightlifting and promising youngsters lift in this basic facility. A place with character.


Bumper plates!!

Uesaka plates? They also have Elenko bumper plates over here..

Racks and stands in the background. Ready for cleans, and snatches..

The crowd and the equipments. They have rows of dumbells going from 5kgs to 30kgs.

Randy. Master diver, muay thai, kung fu practitioner,  and bodybuilder. A friendly face in the gym who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Good luck on your competition in July. One of the regulars. Some of the regulars are there so often that one might mistake them for being a part of the furniture.


There are two squat racks in the whole gym. I spent the largest part of my time here.

This is as spartan as it get. Your anti-globo gym. Will have it no other way.

Other than the gym. I’ll miss..

My trusted Kancil alot. Although you did throw the occasional tantrum, like how you attempted to bake me alife by killing off the airconditioning,I’ll always be thankful to you for bussing me around KK. I’ve grown partial to the grimy smell of baked plastics and dirt in the car. The dust and endless dirt just added to yourand bothered me not one bit. Though I can’t say for my fellow passengers.

Well I guess this is it. Bye bye Sabah and here’s to a new phase back in Peninsular!

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  1. March 27, 2012 at 9:01 am

    all the best man…dun forget your running shoes…lots of weekend long run to do

  2. March 27, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    Haha you show me around the running spots there.. should be fun if got running mate..

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